The father of all bags. 


For most people, the life of today is a manufactured one.

Everything around us is processed and made bite-ready for our convenience and ease.

We are persuaded to live a passive life. To just take things as they come.

Because I feel we have lost touch with what is ‘real’, I look for authenticity everywhere I can in life.

One part of my life will always stand out for me: my ‘army time’ as a young man. My kitbag was my best friend, a symbol of being on the move.

Now I’m launching a line of “kitbags”, my inspiration meeting the needs of today. Because I appreciate the basic pureness and stylish beauty of honest things. Even if, ironically, it makes me the odd one out, the maverick.

I call the Brand MLF-68. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Michael Leona Francois ° 1968.